common who gives you

Common Rotation vs The Dust Bowl Cavaliers Squee!


My order is placed and soon my copy of Common Rotation vs The Dust Bowl Cavaliers will windle its way to me and then I can Squee in much detail!


That is all for now :)
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Five guilty of neglecting horses *thank the lord for that!*

Thank the lord for that, and I can only hope that THIS time they ban them from keeping any form of animal for life......

The RSPCA had to give some of the horses back to this person last year, so although I am not into any form of hate or spite, I am in to karmic retribution and frankly, in my humble opinion karma should seriously kick this family from here to next week!
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nice arse

Trying not to make an arse of myself!

Ok then, not moving seems far more of an exciting option that actually getting off my butt and printing off all the stuff that I need for this interview this afternoon…
It is not really fair is it.. fancy landing an interview for a job you might actually want on a week when the last thing you have is time to actually be ready for it!?

On arriving home yesterday, I had a phone call from the person who may be taking Karma (skinny LA foal) on loan for her children.
I am too soft and said 'No problem, do come over!' (stuipid me!)

unfortunately I believe Karma might have picked up on my (I want to be left alone) attitude, because she tried to bite one of them, she has never, ever bitten anyone before… OH DEAR!

Right ‘o’ then this will not do I have things to do, places to be and stuff to read so as to not make a complete arse of myself today, I will be happy if I can get away with ‘You can’t have the job, your not good enough, but you didn’t show yourself up to being a completely incompetent fool!’

Wish me luck with that guys

See you on the other side
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Eric is very very sick!

Eric is broken!

Full on, smoke coming from the wheels..... grinding to a halt, not moving at all sort of broken.

The bad nice man at the garage keeps making expensive sounds when I talk to him and he might have to lend me a car tomorrow, cos Eric will not be fixed by then *the man from the garage tutts and shakes his head a lot, this makes me quite cross!*

*head hits desk and punches wall for good measure*

I went off to work and then everything just stopped…… crunching sounds could clearly be heard above the traffic, ipod and sat nav, then you have that horrible *f*&k that's my car moment, followed by lots and lots of smoke … and so it was that I drove very, very slowly to the garage upon arrival at said garage Eric promptly hung up his tyres and died. Twas sad, very, very sad.

I think he might be sulking about the whole lack of CoRo squee about at the moment… thank the lord for one LA based fan *bless her and all who sail in her : )

Poor, poor Eric and more importantly at the moment poor, poor bank balance!

Can I say Bugger?


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guitar thing

That thing!

The sun is out, the grass is riz.. and I know where the birdies iz!

Work is still crazy at the momement and I appear to be doing the job that I had that interview for.. which they then pulled the funding for (go figure) as well as the job I am actually paid for!

Today however the sun is out *yay!* for sun, it is a lovely day.

I went and saw 'Marley and Me' at the cinema yesturday and I sobbed, bit too close at the moment : (

Oh and a lot of very shiny Show of Hands tickets arrived *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!*

I am off to play with the dogs and horses so I leave you with 'That thing' which is bouncy and happy.... Bounce with PHIL BEER.... You know you want to>>>>>>>>>

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Spring is sprunging!

Hello Peeps

Spring is just around the corner, even the daffodils are starting to try and poke their heads up *YAY!*
Once again winter has been a non-stop round of work, horses, dogs, floods and this year joy upon joy snow : ) Live journal has been a thing that has just had to take a back seat to all of that, but,……….. SPRING is springing ….. *yay!* I know that I just said that, but its so good it needed saying at least twice.

After the snow this year we had the ice road small car driver series. The roads around here are bad at the best of times, but this winter they run out of grit and salt (who’d have guessed that you might get ice in winter and therefore you might need to grit the roads? Not us in the UK that’s for sure!

I had the most surreal experience one morning and if anyone can tell me why I went into *I must justify my own existence* mode I would be very grateful… onto the tale.

There I was driving along the ice road from hell, pausing briefly at each trashed car in the hedges, dykes or trees along my route to make sure that the occupants of said car’s were out and safe.. When I spied a very expensive and yet somewhat familiar range rover on the wrong side of the road in a ditch.. I was not going to stop because I could that the people were out and on the side of the road, but hang on I recognise the people… It is my bosses boss and his wife.. BUGGER.. my first thought was..

Oh Noes I am late for work and that’s my bosses boss, having a job pays for goods and services, which is helpful. My bosses boss has a sight impediment and is registered as blind… Good for me he won’t of seen me … his wife was driving by the way, just in case you were wondering : )

No I must stop and help… damn me for having morals.

I stop very carefully and see shout out “Colin, are you alright?”

“Who’s that!” comes the response.

“It’s me Christiana, I have rung the police for help”

“Thanks Christy, thanks for stopping!”

Then I go into … I am working really late tonight (which was true) I would normally have been through here over an hour a go! (Which is also true!), but as I said I am working really late (I work late most days it’s all true!)

I stopped, I helped, they didn’t need me to explain, but I felt guilty for not being at work *slaps self upside of the head* They just crashed a very expensive range rover … frankly I doubt they cared that I was late for work, I am so not getting a promotion and more money :(

In other unrelated news this will hopefully be the last year that I have to collect injured swans from my field for the RSPCA and the last year that loads of swans die because of flying into the power lines that run across the field.

The electric people have (after seven years of shouting at them) on Friday attached very sparkly dangly bits onto all the wires (very pretty) So the swans are safe, I how ever am not, the dogs ripped up the stairs carpet on Friday just to let the bad electric men who banged on my front door know that very vicious dogs live here .. end result one very cheesed of me on arrival home. No it wasn’t a nice carpet in the first place.. this is true, but it hasn’t become any more attractive now that it is not attached to the stairs! Then there is Sam (enormo horse) who being full of the joys of spring and spring grass already has now decided that the new spangly dangly things are indeed going to kill him … SNORT!

Over and out as I have stuff to do and people to see… But…. *yay* spring!
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Big horse sam

Noggin the Nog.

Noggin the Nog died peacefully in her sleep on Friday morning aged very nearly 23, her last swan song was launching herself into the middle of the dinning room table when 8 people were just about to eat... Bless her: )
Sorry Debs for your lunch which landed in your lap!


Noggin was a very, very special cat and I will miss her so much.

They will not go quietly,
the cats who've shared our lives.
In subtle ways they let us know
their spirit still survive.
Old habits still make us think
we hear a meow at the door.
Or step back when we drop
a tasty morsel on the floor.
Our feet still go around the place
the food dish used to be,
And, sometimes, coming home at night,
we miss them terribly.
And although time may bring new friends
and a new food dish to fill,
That one place in our hearts
belongs to them....
and always will.
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