christyraymond (quietlychaotic) wrote,

Why wear a poppy and stop for 60 seconds 11 hour 11 day of 11 month

They ask for 60 seconds once a year and that is all,
When we will recognize them, those who stood so brave and tall.

They spent their 60 seconds, all in fear and all in pain,
those horrific 60 seconds spent for freedom we would gain.

60 seconds took so long as he watched his buddy die,
60 seconds for a nurse who knew she had to try.
60 seconds went so fast as the bombs came pouring in,

Only 60 seconds to find courage from within.
Another 60 seconds and he would face his greatest fear.

Those endless 60 seconds as the wives waited to hear,

They asked for 60 seconds so we'd know the price they paid,
when they spent their 60 seconds and in hell our freedom made.

They asked for 60 seconds once a year and that is all,
to stand in peace-filled silence and hear the bugle call.

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