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Bugger work, I am on my hols!

Paul sums up what I think about stuff and frankly the bunch of plonkers in power are the reason I no longer get any time to write in my journal, have had a pay freeze, seen my work hours double ... do you want me to go on? Nope didn't think so :)

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Cheers Ears:)

I have puppies that Debs sent to me *pets them!* If I had an ounce of energy left I would update my LJ, but I don't! The union maid today is one of my favs... so Yay!
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Happy Valentines day :)

There was a young man from Madras
Who had a magnificent ass.
Not rounded and pink
As you probably think --
It was grey, had long ears, and ate grass!

Happy valentine's day everyone :)
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tech support cat

Why wear a poppy and stop for 60 seconds 11 hour 11 day of 11 month

They ask for 60 seconds once a year and that is all,
When we will recognize them, those who stood so brave and tall.

They spent their 60 seconds, all in fear and all in pain,
those horrific 60 seconds spent for freedom we would gain.

60 seconds took so long as he watched his buddy die,
60 seconds for a nurse who knew she had to try.
60 seconds went so fast as the bombs came pouring in,

Only 60 seconds to find courage from within.
Another 60 seconds and he would face his greatest fear.

Those endless 60 seconds as the wives waited to hear,

They asked for 60 seconds so we'd know the price they paid,
when they spent their 60 seconds and in hell our freedom made.

They asked for 60 seconds once a year and that is all,
to stand in peace-filled silence and hear the bugle call.

The hospital’s annual outing goes to Hallowhedon

Throughout this post I am going to reflect on the many varied and multiple levels of badness/ wrongness , general sorryness and lots of other ness’s which I am sure I will remember now that the vanilla vodka haze is beginning to wear off .

First of which is to say sorry………”sorry!”

I am a tartaleen and a shameless bottom ogler, however is it my fault?

Did you see the shameful way Mr Lutz signalled me with his pert nether regions?

I think you did!

What is a girl to do, I ask you?

As for that Nick Brendan.

Well honestly.

He just went out of his way to tease me with his whole….

‘I can look like Eric Kufs in a beard, glasses and hat thing if I try really hard and you drink enough and yet not too much Vanilla vodka .. act!’

It was just bound to happen!

But no your right….

I let myself down, I let my friends down, but most of all I let you? down. It was wrong and I'm sorry :(
Added for NN

Right now that I have got that out of the way, I will begin at a point which might make some sort of sense.
As always there is no guarantee that my post will make any sense to the uninitiated!

My ramblings will as always be (……….please fill in the blanks) and they are bound ramble off on various tangents, so I am bunging it behind the cut for safety……

Opening it should be done with the assistance of vanilla Vodka.. cos that helps honest!
Collapse )
All that and tonight I am going to see Seth Lakeman tonight…..

Question ..

Do you think If I drink enough vodka he will appear more Eric like?

If so I might have found a way to stop missing Common Rotation and all will be well with the world *GRIN!
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eric blonde?

Covention dancing :)

I am at Hallowhedon and having far too much
to drink
objectification of the male physical form fun.

I fear that Eric has been away far too long and stuff because last night I began to objectify the physical form of Mark Lutz and indeed from a distance and if I squinted (which is not very attractive I have to say… Nick Brendon was not safe from me, in his glasses he had a look of Eric about him BLIMEY. I now promise for the rest of the weekend I will be good and not do the whole objectification thing very much.. I will be good, I will honest.. what a very pert bottom Mark has *slaps self upside head*
I am not being a good girl, but I will try harder … honest..

Come back Common Rotation all is forgiven ;)
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Blue eyes 'remembering why, BryanAdams'

Hi all, but most of all Deb will understand..

Sometimes I sit and wonder why I continue to like certain singers/song writers/ artists .. and then I find something that reminds me… this is one of those moments .. please enter BA singing ‘Blue Eyes’ (remember that Debs?) I love this song and I love it when BA sings it…..

I most get back to work now, but hey ho twas escape for a moment :)
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Bad Beau... good Bill

Beau just knocked me flying .. he just got a little bit over excited about the hose pipe and the hosing of the horses (the horses were boiling and needed cooling off) But ouch it hurt.. interviews with additional limping and gravel burns is a good thing right? It must be lucky :) Anyhows to cheer myself up I found some Bill and Donkeys :)

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squee strange

Letting the squee free! (in small doses)

Track 9 Co Ro vs TDBC A most excellent little tune *grin*

'Travel Late' Common Rotation

Peeps who have listened to it , change the bits that are wrong, those that don't have it yet.. your in for a treat:)

We come home late
If we come home at all
We travel heavy
We’re hiding something small
We are not ready
We are just passing through
On our way to you

We take no stand
We hold it in our hands
We will not dance
We will not get the chance
So when you go
No one will follow you

How much do you recall?
Do you remember me at all?
Just,…. what the singer did to a song?
Why do you look so surprised?
I looked you in the eyes
And told you, it would always be this way!

We will not vanish
We will not wait
Your early morning
Born too late
We are not finished……..
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